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Eléonore Bak

After an apprenticeship in weaving techniques, followed by an experience of the theatrical stage, Eléonore Bak studied at the Cologne College of Art and Design (1981–85). From 1985 onwards, following studies in electroacoustics at the CIRM and an art and research residency at the Villa Arson both in Nice (1985–86), she devoted herself definitively to sound. To find out more about the relationship between invisible architectures, technologies and languages, she studied at the Nice Sophia Antipolis faculty (M2 in Technologies, cultures and forms of sociability 2000–2001). She has pursued this research in ACROE lab, INP Grenoble; holophonic platform, Centrale Supélec, Metz (2002–2014); CRESSON lab, ÉNSA Grenoble [her thesis (2010–2016) focused on the shareability of sound environments]. The artist, who has a doctorate in architecture and is an associate researcher at CRESSON, teaches at the École supérieure d’art de Lorraine, where she founded the Atelier de recherche sonore.

Talks at this conference:
 Sat, 11:30 The Big Resonators and Earpieces. Dealing with New Perceptions and Gestures