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Nayarí Castillo

Nayarí Castillo is an artist-researcher specialised in installation art and art in public space. Her often site-specific interventions engage with history, time and space, with emphasis on experiments in perception and engagement. With more than two decades of artistic experience, including personal, academic and big-scale transnational projects, Castillo has been involved as artist, curator, project leader, and artistic researcher at all levels of project development. She was responsible for coordinating the Austrian chapter in the EU project MAST - Master Module in Arts, Science and Technology, devoted to the introduction of social values (solidarity, collaboration) in the TU Graz curriculum through different spatial experiments. She was faculty at EU project Adriart and artist-researcher in the EU project Iterations. She is a principal investigator in the simularr project. The work on process-oriented development is rooted in her background in applied sciences as a molecular biologist. She received several awards, most recently the Promotional Award of the State of Styria for Contemporary Fine Arts 2019.

Talks at this conference:
 Fri, 14:00 Simultaneous Arrivals