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What is the time frame of the symposium?

The symposium runs for three full days, beginning on Thu, 27 June, at 10:00, and ending on Sat, 29 June, after 16:00. The programme will be published soon. If you are an author planning your trip, and you need confirmed times of your presentation, you can already get in touch with us, before the programme is published.

Are you planning to publish proceedings?

Yes. After the completion of the symposium, authors will be invited to contribute to the proceedings of the symposium, which will be published on the online Research Catalogue platform. This platform is well known in the Artistic Research community, and allows for text to be combined with audio-visual media. We will implement a form of editorial process to guide the development of the proceedings’ papers.

Are you planning for a hybrid attendance?

No. All presentations take place in-situ at the GMPU in Klagenfurt.

During the Open Call

What kind of contributions are most appropriate for the symposium?

The symposium’s overall frame is Artistic Research, so we will focus on submissions that deal with research done through artistic practice or with the help of artistic practice, where artistic positions or methods are integral part of the research (as opposed, for example, to art history, musicology etc.). Artistic Research can and should contribute to reflection and theory building, so we do not exclude more classical academic presentation forms. A pairing of the submissions into panels will depend on the actual submissions, and we hope to obtain a rich interdisciplinary set of contributions. If your field of work is not directly in the arts, but in another subject area (which could be philosophy, anthropology, archeology, mathematics, you name it), it can still be relevant as long as discourse is identified that connects to the symposium’s theme/questions and methods or approaches used in artistic research.