Forum Artistic Research


You can download a PDF booklet of the program.

All presentations take place in Neuer Saal, except for the Deep Listening Workshop, which takes place in Blauer Saal.

Daily, during the conference hours, you can also visit a sound installation and a research trailer loop. The research trailers feature short video and/or audio clips that portray the artistic research connected to the projects presented at the symposium. The installation Listening/Meidling is located outside Neuer Saal. The research trailers are shown in the Center Stage, the multimedia space of kä (Museumgasse 2), right next to the university.

Oral Presentation
Lecture Performance
Piece + Talk


9:00–10:15h | Welcome Desk, Registration

10:15–10:30h | Opening Address

12:00–12:30h | Coffee Break

12:30–14:10h | Session 2

14:10–15:15h | Lunch Break

15:15–16:45h | Session 3

16:45–17:15h | Coffee Break


11:00–11:30h | Coffee Break

11:30–13:00h | Session 5

13:00–14:00h | Lunch Break

16:45–17:15h | Coffee Break


11:00–11:30h | Coffee Break

13:30–14:30h | Lunch Break

16:15–17:30h | Concluding Round, Goodbye