Forum Artistic Research

Neuer Saal


The Neuer Saal is on the top floor of the GMPU Concert House. Mießtaler Str. 8, 9020 Klagenfurt

Talks in this room:

Listening to a Muslim Diva, Listening to the Master Narrator: Arriving at Singing Through the Spoken Voice

Mersid Ramičević


Artivistic Listening. How Listening of Improvised Music Performance Can Re-Shape Our Ecology

Leonardo Barbierato


Doing Nothing as Transcultural Listening Practice

Jeremy Woodruff



Live Maria Roggen, Ingfrid Breie Nyhus


Dispositions of Being-With: Articulations Within a Diverse Concert Audience

Kelvin King Fung Ng


The Polyphony of Contemplative Practice

Jakob Stillmark


Beyond the Unnecessary Self

Henrik Frisk


Listening to Hope Labourers

Edith Kollath, Anne Brannys


How to Facilitate Careful Listening and Non-Coercive Participation in Artistic Research? LED Tickers and Love Letter Writing as Research Tools

Joonas Lahtinen


Listening as a Way of Not Yet Knowing

Trond Lossius


Talking House. Architectural Models for Shared Spaces

Hinnerk Utermann


The Witness Openlab – Worlding Through Socially Engaged Art Practice in Basel. Deep Listening Practices as Open Paths to Collaboration and Community-Building in an Academic Learning Environment

Iulia-Andreea Smeu, Isabelle Meraner


Mind Wandering During Lectures

Magda Stanová


tír-éist – landlisten

Shane Finan



Felipe Steinberg


Simultaneous Arrivals

Nayarí Castillo, Shane Finan, Franziska Hederer, Daniele Pozzi, Charlotta Ruth, Hanns Holger Rutz, Fulya Uçanok


Expanding Artistic Dimensions of Conducting. Listening Actions to Create, Explore and Connect

Halldis Rønning


Navel, Ear of God. Decolonial Listening and Situated Making

Sophie Fetokaki


Braced Under the Heating Sun: Embodied Listening Practices

Melissa Anne Ryke


Soft Letting of Language - Listening for Emergent Wor(l)ds

Emma Cocker


Extended Listening and Its Role in Shaping Compositional Tools. A Few Remarks on the Exploration of Connections Between Auditory, Visual, Tactile and Kinesthetic Modes of Perception

Jagoda Szmytka


The Enchanted Forest: Exploring the Development of Relationships in Artistic Collaborations That Combine Individual and Collective Creative Practices

Birgitta Flick


Tending Towards Each Other: Between Breath and Inscription

Thais Akina Yoshitake Lopez


The Big Resonators and Earpieces. Dealing with New Perceptions and Gestures

Eléonore Bak


Bodies in Resonating Action: Strategies of Initiating Collaborative Creative Work

Faidra Chafta Douka


Listening to the Sounds of War. Or How to Make Opera in Museums During Wartime

Illia Razumeiko


Re-Voicing the Text. A Collective Practice of Vocal Improvisation

Miriana Faieta


Passive Listening: Exploring Interpassivity in Ambient Music

David Chechelashvili, Alan Brown


Becoming Soundscape. Listening, Perceiving and Acting

Max Spielmann, Andrea Iten, Catherine Walthard, Daniel Hug