Forum Artistic Research


Edith Kollath

Edith Kollath is a visual artist, researcher, and author. She studied sculpture and time-based media as well as costume design in Hamburg and has been an active member of the feminist hackerspace NYC Resistors. In her nationally and internationally exhibited installations, videos and performative objects, she examines transformation processes, precarious conditions and their particular social, ecological and philosophical contexts. Her Ph.D. thesis “Respiration Essays: Of Phenomena of Contingency Based on a Breathing Movement” at Bauhaus University Weimar introduces an aesthetic-respiratory research method, entangling theoretical and practical perspectives rhythmically. In the collaborative project “ODE” with Anne Brannys they engage in an image-text exchange, develop performances, installations exhibitions and texts on different research topics. They co-founded the “Vis-à-Vis” working group in the Society for Artistic Research Germany (GKFD) concerned with hospitality and empowerment.

Talks at this conference:
 Thu, 15:45 Listening to Hope Labourers