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Illia Razumeiko

Illia Razumeiko, composer and opera creator, was born in 1989 in Ukraine. He studied music theory in his home town of Zaporizhzhia and later composition in Kyiv Music Academy (Prof. A. Havrylets). In 2013–2020 he graduated at Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts (Prof. K. Essl). Since 2020, Illia is enrolled at the Artistic Research Center of the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts’ doctoral program. Since 2015, he is active as opera in music theatre creator, first within Nova Opera group, later founding together with composer Roman Grygoriv the contemporary opera laboratory “Opera Aperta”. Music theatrical and opera pieces by Opera Aperta were creating in Kyiv, Ukraine, and than presented in Vienna, Rotterdam, New York, Paris, Berlin, Vilnius, Copenhagen and other locations as part of the leading opera, theatrical and music festivals and events. Field of research: contemporary opera, new music theatre, expanded scenography, ecology, performance studies

Talks at this conference:
 Sat, 12:30 Listening to the Sounds of War. Or How to Make Opera in Museums During Wartime