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Isabelle Meraner

Isabelle Meraner is a musician and interdisciplinary artist focused on new music and improvisation. After studying the classical flute in her hometown Bolzano (IT) and in Lucerne (CH), she is currently enrolled in a Specialised Performance Master for contemporary music at HSM Basel. In her own work, Isabelle seeks to be inspired by the ecologies that she finds herself in. Her practice includes public sound walks, field recordings and making music for more-than-humans. It is her concern to foster anti-hierarchical, feminist and ecological structures within her art. Isabelle has studied and/or worked with numerous musicians and artists including Sarah Maria Sun, Yaron Deutsch, Marcus Weiss, Mike Svoboda, Pirmin Grehl, Magda Mayas, Susanne Peters, Eric Lamb and Julian Sartorius. She has performed at various festivals such as the Lucerne Festival, the Musica Festival Strasbourg and the Gustav Mahler Academy. Currently, she is one of the researchers in Julie Beauvais‘ The Witness Project.

Talks at this conference:
 Fri, 10:00 The Witness Openlab – Worlding Through Socially Engaged Art Practice in Basel. Deep Listening Practices as Open Paths to Collaboration and Community-Building in an Academic Learning Environment