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Iulia-Andreea Smeu

Iulia-Andreea Smeu (RO/CH) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Basel, Switzerland. Trained as a classical violinist in Bucharest (RO) and Bern (CH), changing direction into the field of freely improvised music and interdisciplinarity led to embracing an extended artistic practice. Within her present work, electroacoustic sound intertwines with spoken word and visual elements to create embodied experiences that facilitate self-reflection, while experimenting with the potential of hybrid forms of expression and formats. Since 2021 she has been a collaborator for the Hochschule für Musik Basel, teaching introductory modules for improvisation, and sound recording/editing. In 2023 Iulia became assistant for Prof. Dr. Anne-May Krüger, responsible for organizational and technical production of the Openlab (HSM, FHNW), part of the Within the project she was also active as a transdisciplinary researcher, exploring social problematics that are embedded in the local community.

Talks at this conference:
 Fri, 10:00 The Witness Openlab – Worlding Through Socially Engaged Art Practice in Basel. Deep Listening Practices as Open Paths to Collaboration and Community-Building in an Academic Learning Environment