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Joonas Lahtinen

Dr. Joonas Lahtinen is Professor of Performance Art and Artistic Research at MUK – Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna. He studied Performance at Queen Mary University of London and Theatre research at the University of Helsinki, where he completed his performance analytical and epistemological dissertation ‘Making Sense of Perception and Power in Participatory Performance’ in 2021. Lahtinen’s performances and installations are research-oriented, investigating the politics and poetics of space, place and the everyday, participatory strategies, collaborative forms of artistic practice, and questions about self-determination. His projects have been presented in art institutions and festivals both in Austria and internationally. He is a member of the Artist Pedagogy Research Group of the SAR and convenor of the subgroup Spaces of Artist Education. He has contributed to research journals and publications on themes such as performance analysis, art education, and theatre theory.

Talks at this conference:
 Thu, 16:15 How to Facilitate Careful Listening and Non-Coercive Participation in Artistic Research? LED Tickers and Love Letter Writing as Research Tools