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Sophie Fetokaki

Sophie Fetokaki is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher. Through music, text, theatre, pedagogy, academic research and other modalities, she explores the question of identity as an embodied phenomenon that takes shape through complex relationships to place. She holds a PhD in music performance, through which she applied theories of feminist epistemology to the methods of artistic practice. She has published work on decolonising voice studies as well as poetry, non-fiction and essays in a number of literary journals. Her participatory, socially engaged performance works have been shown at festivals in the UK, Cyprus, Iceland and the Netherlands. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at University of the Arts Helsinki, where she is working on a project that disentangles legacies of colonial whiteness from the practices and discourses of training in the performing arts.

Talks at this conference:
 Fri, 15:45 Navel, Ear of God. Decolonial Listening and Situated Making