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Nina Jukić

Listening/Meidling is an installation consisting of three black and white photographs (30 cm × 41.3 cm) and binaural field recordings played in loop on headphones, one for each of the photos. It was inspired by one of Pauline Oliveros’ Listening Questions: “What is the soundscape of your neighborhood?” The idea was very simple. I was about to sit very still in different locations of my neighborhood with binaural microphones placed in my ears, recording sound as the camera behind me simultaneously captured light. Due to the long exposure, moving people and vehicles have disappeared from the resulting images. However, when visitors put the headphones on, they hear the exact soundscape my ears were listening to while the photo was being made in that particular moment, hearing also those things that became invisible due to the passing of time. I, on the contrary, will remain visible, but inaudible.

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