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Fulya Uçanok

Fulya Uçanok is an electroacoustic musician and pianist; composing and improvising. Her work takes forms of composition, score-based or improvised performance, and artistic research. She works with everyday objects, acoustic pianos coupled with a variety of objects (utilizing inside-piano technique), electronic processing, generated electronics, and field recordings. She completed her Ph.D. at the Sonic Arts Department of Center for Advanced Studies in Music – Istanbul Technical University. Her dissertation is titled “Towards a Response-able Com-position Practice: Entangling with Humans, More-than-humans and Materials”. Her interest lies in sympoietic, response-able sonic practices with humans, more-than-humans, and physical materials (musical instruments). Currently her practice focuses on instrument-human collaborations, through new materialist and feminist strands of thought. She investigates interfaces of relation within social sound engagements focusing on embodied explorations for listening, performance and composing, weaving theoretical, sensory, and movement-based forms of thinking and expression into the sonic process.

Talks at this conference:
 Fri, 14:00 Simultaneous Arrivals