Forum Artistic Research


Simultaneous Arrivals

Nayarí Castillo, Shane Finan, Franziska Hederer, Daniele Pozzi, Charlotta Ruth, Hanns Holger Rutz, Fulya Uçanok

on  Fri, 14:00in  Neuer Saalfor  60min

The round table brings together artists-researchers of the project Simultaneous Arrivals (FWF AR 714-G). simularr posits other kinds of collaborative work, giving space to individual languages and disciplines, while aiming for perceivable forms of togetherness. It departs from simultaneity and spatiality as ‘basic’ or ‘boundary’ concepts that are negotiated and complementarily guide artists working together, questioning thresholds between different practices. The project designs methods that facilitate contact among the concurrent interdisciplinary artistic processes and understand how these concepts affect them. What are reference frames that allow to establish a “togetherness, at the same time”, and how do different types of spaces—thought spaces, aesthetic spaces, architectural spaces—and their corresponding modes of spatiality interact and interfere? In the panel, the core team of the project that runs from 2022–2025 is joined by artists-researchers that worked in the project during its pilot run (Swap Space, 2022) and the first two intervals (spring 2023, spring 2024). In each of these periods, the augmented team lived and worked alongside each other, developing methods of being-with and making-with that produced artefacts and propositions as manifest traces of this togetherness. A central part of each of these periods were intensive research retreats, where the team situated itself in a particular architecture and workspace (Künstlerhof Schrattenberg, AT, 2022/23; Palazzo Russo, San Cesario di Lecce, IT, 2024). The symposium intersects with the timeline of the project, which is now anticipating its third and last interval. We use this opportunity to reflect and create a temporal bridge between voices that prior had not been heard together at the same time.

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