Forum Artistic Research


Hanns Holger Rutz

Hanns Holger Rutz is an artist-researcher who works in sound installation, improvisation and electronic music, spanning two decades, having extended to other digital (image, video) and non-digital media in the past decade. Most of his installations have been created in collaborative contexts, and he has worked in several interdisciplinary projects (e.g. with choreographers, writers, visual and video artists). He has developed several group projects, such as the digital art parcours Algorithmic Segments. He obtained a PhD in Computer Music studying the temporality and observation of composition processes in sound art. He led the FWF PEEK project Algorithms that Matter, and is currently leading the FWF PEEK project Simultaneous Arrivals, with interests in trans-individual agency, materiality and reciprocation of the artistic work process. Rutz is Professor for Artistic Research at the Gustav Mahler Private University for Music (GMPU) Klagenfurt.

Talks at this conference:
 Fri, 14:00 Simultaneous Arrivals