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Piece + Talk

The Big Resonators and Earpieces. Dealing with New Perceptions and Gestures

Eléonore Bak

on  Sat, 11:30in  Neuer Saalfor  30min

With the big resonators and earpieces (écoutoirs) that were created in 2003 as part of the exhibition “Esprits des lieux” for the Chapelle de l’Observance in Draguignan, I try to look into a hitherto invisible landscape and to deal with new perceptions and gestures. The reality of this landscape eludes frontal observation and emerges through a kind of sensory, sensual immersion. My personal idea of empathy and exploration comes to the fore: not to be inspired by the place or nature, but to lose ourselves in them in order to find out what still needs to be searched for, explored and built. In my lecture and the subsequent sound presentation, I will focus in particular on the question of togetherness and mutual awareness of space and research, space and art.

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